Double & Triple Glazing

Versatility, safety and insulation (thermal and acoustic)
Vidro Duplo ou Triplo

What is Double/Triple Glass?

The double/triple glass is composed by 2 or more glass sheets and a spacer – that contains air or gas, sealed to ensure its stability and tightness.

Depending on customer’s needs, this technology could be tailored to improve the sunlight control, termal and acoustic insulation, maintenance effort (cleaning) or to meet specific safety conditions.

Double/Triple Glass’s characteristics

Both types of glass could be used in several mixes of interior and external glass sheets. A previous analysis and a site evaluation is critical to understand the most adequate glass composition that will make possible the achievement of better performances, minimizing the thermal break risk. Furthermore, several manufacture techniques could be previous applied, such as: holes, tempering, laminating and glass frosting.

Float/Tempered Glass Finish:
Float Glass: Colorless, Extra-Clear, Non-reflective Glass, Bronze, Green, Grey, Frosted or Printed – All thicknesses are available.

Laminated Glass Finish:
Colorless or opaque – All thicknesses are available.

Most Common Installations

Construction – Windows and Doors
Interior Spaces – Winter Gardens, Balconies, Terraces
Retail Buildings – Roofs and Facades