Privacy Glass - Datasheet

Clear glass that become frosted? Your privacy just a click away.

What is Privacy Glass?

The privacy glass is a laminated glass with controlled opacity, through an electrical mechanism. At the press of a button, the glass switches between clear and frosted glass, as desired. It is a glass widely used in office partitions, due to the versatility it gives to a single space.

Privacy Glass’s characteristics:

The privacy glass has in its composition a film of liquid crystals, which, when driven by an electric current, align and form a transparent and crystalline structure. In the absence of electrical induction, the glass is naturally frosted – it does not allow visibility but allows light to pass through.

Being a laminated glass, this technology is combined with the inherent safety of this type of glass.

Normal or tempered finish:

Thicknesses: 66.1 / 88.1 / 1010.1 / 1212.1

Any of the available thicknesses can be combined with more than one EVA film – for example, 2, 3 or 4, depending on security needs.

Principais aplicações

Offices and projection screens
Partitions – sliding doors and speak holeS
Outside – windows and facades