Laminated Glass - Datasheet

Security glass, with LED’s… Innovation with security at its best
vidros laminado

What is a Laminated Glass? 

The laminated glass is a safety glass, composed of 2 or more glass sheets joined to 1 or more layers of vynil film. If it breaks, the fragments remain attached to the vynil film, reducing the risk of accident. Thus, this type of glass could be found in several different applications, such as: facades and railings, bullet resistant windows, structural glass floor, etc.

Colorless/Translucent/Bronze Finish:
Thicknesses: 33.1 / 44.1 / 55.1 / 66.1 / 88.1 / 1010.1 / 1212.1

In addition to thicknesses mentioned above, laminated glass could be produced using any other mix of glasses or mirrors using an EVA lamination process.

EVA’s characteristics 

EVA is an Ethyl-Vinyl-Acetate film used in the lamination process of glass sheets and mirrors. This material is used due to its excellent transparency, high adhesion, good acoustic insulation for high frequencies, retention of 100% UV rays. Furthermore is  water-repellent and its complex molecular structure allow the maintenance of the mentioned characteristics after heating. This product presents itself as an excellent competitor to the current products on the market.

Most Common Installations

Textiles – Partitions or other decoration elements
Colorful facades or partitions – Translucent or opaque
Privacy Glass – Partitions, Showers and Bath screens