Reflective Glass - DataSheet

To control the light intensity of your room

What is Reflective Glass?

The reflective glass is a float glass to which a metallic transparent layer is applied, that allows the control of sunlight incidence. The transfer of energy from outside to interior is limited, providing a good natural lighting for the interior space. The use of this type of glass provide improved thermal and visual comfort, when combined with other type of glass, namely the double or triple glazed windows.

Reflective Glass’s characteristics

This type of glass is very versatile, due to its high resistance. Thus, several enhancement techniques could be applied, such as tempering, lamination, curved, printed screen as well as the incorporation in double glazed windows.

Grey /Bronze/Green/Blue Finish
Thicknesses: 4mm / 5mm / 6mm / 8mm / 10mm

Most Common Installations

Retail stores
Industrial facilities and Homes