Structural Glass Floor - Datasheet

Tempered and laminated, meeting the most demanding requirements
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What is Structural Glass Floor?

This type of glass is composed by a structural glass – which gives it the ability to withstand permanent loads – and a stepped glass – which acts as a wear layer.

In the event of a rupture, the EVA (Ethyl-Vinyl-Acetate) films allow the fragments to stick together, ensuring that the floor structure remains (although with reduced security) and preventing potential accidents.

Structural Glass Floor’s characteristics

The structural glass floor is composed by laminated tempered glass, aggregated by EVA films, which give it maximum security and resistance. The stepped glass is usually a simple, tempered and / or laminated glass, of a lower thickness, which presents itself as a wear and protective layer of structural glass. Depending on the installation location (private vs public location), weather conditions and intensity of use, the security characteristics may be different.

Colorless / Extra-Clear / Frosted / Colored finish
Several roughness patterns, different degrees of transparency, certified non-slip surface.

Most Common Installations 

Retail Facilities
Balconies and terraces